Designing The Future Of Residential Care


CareCrew’s design was inspired by our own front line experiences in the long-term care field.

From our own experiences, we decided we needed better staff communication, streamlined file organization, and to maximize the potential of the care team in order to deliver the best care possible to our clients. We believe that your care team’s ability to access care data faster and when needed will generate faster and more accurate decisions.  

We know that having all pieces of the puzzle in one place eliminates much of the stress from a manager’s job duties. Over time, that will have a positive impact on the quality of care that is delivered.

The time saved from labor intensive multiple data entries can be used for a better execution of a Client’s care plan. Not only will your Agency succeed but your team will have a clearer vision and be confident in their directive, leading to less time spent fixing errors and more time spent executing the care plans.



  • Ease of use

    CareCrew uses an intuitive user interface for easy navigation. Making adaptation very quick

  • Team oriented

    CareCrew is an inclusive platform for every member of the care team to contribute and share with team mates

  • Cloud based

    CareCrew is platform agnostic, and can be accessed securely from many popular web browsers




Clients Files and Daily Logs

CareCrew allows you to create and manage clients files with ease. You have the ability to add daily logs as needed, as well as document many aspect of your client’s personal care and support plan.

Medication Management

It’s important that any medication your team gives clients is well documented. We provide you with a powerful module to track the medication your team is administering, leaving virtually no room for error. CareCrew gives the option for double signatures for higher accountability standards.

Daily Tasks Management

An intuitive and easy to use module that helps Managers plan required daily tasks for the care team, set their frequency, and also request a signature on any executed task.

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Staff Communication

CareCrew is a highly advanced and interactive place for team communication. It allows everyone on your team to track, publish a note, and document it with a picture. Any group subject can be kept track of in one place.

Occurrence Reports and Tracking

A powerful module that lets you document and keep track of occurrences.


Reports used to be a dreaded task, thanks to the time it took to create them. Generate reports easily using this feature. You can apply filters to all data entries, giving you quick, customized and efficient reporting. You can also export the results for your reference using PDF format.


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